Customer Education - Frequently Asked Questions

Hear what our clients have to say about us!

  1. What makes Gutters Unlimited Plus different from the other companies in Southwest Florida?
    We are in business for our customers – that is why we offer so many different gutter/soffit and fascia options. We have done all the research for you so that we may answer any questions you may have. We use materials to highlight our product that other companies in the area don’t offer. We have researched the material we use and replaced products that have a negative impact on our environment. We strive to be the very best in every area of our business. We also offer a yearly service plan to maintain the integrity of your investment
  2. Are you limited to projects and installations only in the Southwest Florida area?
    No, Gutters Unlimited Plus has installed gutter systems throughout the state of Florida, and we are not limited to just the Southwest Florida area. We welcome the opportunity to work on your project, no matter where it might be located.
  3. How long does a typical gutter system installation take?
    A typical gutter installation, on a one story residential home takes approximately one day depending on the size of the home. Seamless gutters are installed in a quarter of the time it takes to install seamed gutters from a Do it yourself warehouse.
  4. What does "seamless" gutter mean?
    Seamless gutter means that we bring a roll-forming machine to your site, and form the gutter in custom lengths according to your project specifications. Everything we need to complete your homes upgrade is in our trucks. Purchases from home improvement stores will be in 10' lengths, requiring several seams along a length of gutter. This causes more potential for leaks.
  5. What profiles do you offer?
    Our Seamless Gutters are the standard K-style seen on most homes in the area. In addition, we install half-round gutter systems. Our half-round installations are installed seamlessly in lengths of up to 20 feet. Lengths over 20 feet will be seamed, sealed, and riveted, with seams hidden by a half-round hanger. We also offer custom-designed profiles to compliment any style or design for your project.
  6. Why should I have seamless gutters installed?
    Seamless gutters are nationally recognized as the most popular form of guttering. It eliminates unsightly seams and reduces the possibility of leaks. There are many colors to choose from and the baked on enamel finish never needs painting. Seamless gutters protect the beauty of your home and expensive landscaping. Fabricating on the job provides you with a custom fit.
  7. When should I replace my rain gutters?
    How you tolerate maintenance on your home will determine when you should replace the gutter. If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to be bothered with the time and money repairs demand, you should replace your gutters at the first sign of rust. Rust will often show up as little orange speckles that show through the paint, rusty colored stains at the end of the downspouts, or at gutter seams that are separated and leaking. Gutters rust from the inside out. When they begin to show rusting on the outside, the inside is rusting through. Often, however, because of standing water, the gutter may need to be repaired in just one or two areas. Keep in mind that just like a worn suit, you can't keep patching it forever. You may want to repair them for the rainy season, and plan on having them professionally replaced during the off season.
  8. Will you haul off my old gutters?
    Absolutely, after the job is completed our organized crews clean the work area so not to leave a mess for our customer. The gutters and downspouts that were removed from your house are neatly loaded in the truck and recycled. We believe that you should not see anything of our work but the clean lines of your new seamless gutters when we are finished.
  9. Are you Licensed and insured?
    Yes, we are licensed by the State of Florida. Yes, we are also insured. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.
  10. Is Routine Maintenance Required on Seamless Gutters?
    Yes, we highly recommend routine maintenance on your gutter system every six months. Southwest Florida has some of the Strongest U.V. rays in the United States of America. U.V. rays break down caulking and causes leaks in your corners. A good gutter cleaning is also recommended every six months. Gutters that are filled with Debris are heavy and cause spikes and hangers to loosen which causes numerous problems. We also offer a gutter cleaning program.